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Stream Video Recorder (ADC-SVR122)

$ 225.00 $ 400.00

Stream Video Recorder (ADC-SVR122)
Stream Video Recorder (ADC-SVR122) Stream Video Recorder (ADC-SVR122)

$ 225.00 $ 400.00

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Designed specifically to work with the Alarm.com hosted video service, the ADC-SVR122 Stream Video Recorder provides a 24x7 professional local video storage solution. With the Stream Video Recorder, you can connect up to eight Alarm.com video cameras for continuous recording.  It has 1 HDMI out so you can view live and recorded footage from a connected computer monitor or TV.

What are the internet service and bandwidth requirements for Alarm.com video devices?

Included Accessories

  • Stream Video Recorder (SVR)
  • Power Adapter

Requires monthly video plan.


Recording channels Up to 8 Cameras
Compatible cameras
  • ADC-V520
  • ADC-V520IR
  • ADC-V521IR
  • ADC-V522IR
  • ADC-V620PT
  • ADC-V720
  • ADC-V720W
  • ADC-V721W
  • ADC-V722W
  • ADC-V820
  • ADC-V821
  • ADC-VC725
  • ADC-VC726
  • ADC-VC825
  • ADC-VC826
  • ADC-VS120
  • ADC-VS121
  • ADC-VS420
Transcoded playback MPEG4 H.264
Speed control 1x, 4x, 8x, 16x
HDD bay 1 Bay (500GB or 1TB of storage)
Drive Type 2.5" SATA
Ethernet connection 10Base-T/100BaseTX (RJ45)
HDMI and USB connections Locally view live and recorded video
Cooling Fanless Thermal Heat Sink
Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x 5.8” (88 x 88 x 146.7 mm)
Operating temperature 32⁰-104⁰F (0⁰-40⁰C)
Storage temperature -13⁰ to 158⁰F (-25⁰ to 70⁰C)
Operating humidity 20%-95% RH (non-condensing)
Power adaptor 12V