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FLEX IO Stand Alone Sensor

FLEX IO Stand Alone Sensor

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Cell Carrier Flex IO sensor is a long-lasting, battery-powered sensor that uses LTE to self-monitor property and assets anywhere. Use Flex IO sensor on its own or connect it to an existing security system for added awareness.  The cost is $10/mo. per sensor as an add on to your Security Services.  $20 as a stand-alone service.

It’s easy to keep assets safe and sound, near or far— Flex IO sensor installs in minutes! With a magnetic reed switch, loop input, and relay output, you can accommodate a wide range of customer use cases. Start extending awareness and more beyond their home.

Built to Last

  • Works anywhere there’s LTE cellular coverage—panel, hub, or Wi-Fi not required!
  • Ruggedized and weather-proofed for the outdoors
  • Has an expected battery life of 2+ years (and optional wired power)

Instant Awareness

Receive real-time alerts when:

  • Doors or windows are opened/closed (or left open)
  • Perimeter gates are accessed
  • Freestanding items are moved (connect magna-pull sensors to the built-in loop input)
  • The device is tampered with

Seamless Integration

  • Remotely control a gate with Flex IO using the mobile app or website (simply activate the relay output)
  • Trigger a video camera to record a clip and send a real-time alert when someone opens or moves an asset unexpectedly

Spec Sheet

Installation Sheet

For the full installation guide, see Flex IO sensor (ADC-FLEX-100) - Installation Guide

Gate Control Installation 

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to discover best mounting practices and how to connect it to your account through the app for gate control. 

For the full installation guide for the compatible gate operator, see: 

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