Voice Control

Don’t move a muscle. Alarm.com brings the convenience of voice control to your home through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Just ask, and you can arm your security system, change the temperature, turn your living room lights off or lock all the doors in your house.

Start Talking to Alexa

Alarm.com Skill

Simply ask your system to perform commands or learn the status of your smart home devices. Each time begin by saying ‘Alexa, ask Alarm.com…’ You'll be able to run a Scene, change the thermostat, turn off the lights, disarm the panel, close the garage door, and more!
Secure commands, such as disarm the system, unlock the door and open the garage, are protected behind a 4-digit pin that can be set up during skill set-up.
Just say "Alexa, ask Alam.com..."
to Arm Stay my system
to lock my front door
is my garage door closed?
to Sleep

Alarm.com Smart Home Skill

The Smart Home skill allows you to talk directly to Alexa and does not require saying ‘Alarm.com.’ Simply say ‘Alexa…’ You’ll be able to change the thermostat temperature and turn your lights on and off.
Just say "Alexa..." dim my living room lights
turn off my living room light

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