What is PowerG?


The IQ Panel 2 Plus includes PowerG, the revolutionary 2-way wireless communication technology with an unprecedented line-up of features designed to decrease operational costs for dealers while providing ultimate reliability for end users. • Multichannel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology enables the system to hop between wireless frequency channels to ensure the seamless transmission of secure communications between the devices and the control panel. • Adaptive Transmission Power translates into up to eight years of battery life for the system’s devices and peripherals, reducing battery- replacement incurred costs. • High transmission ranges allow for devices to reliably communicate 4 times further than legacy wireless protocols, reducing the cost of installing additional repeaters to service larger premises. • 128 bit AES encryption offers exceptionally high level of protection against analysis tools and digital attacks. WHAT IS POWER G? Last updated Wednesday, August 15, 2018 A replay attack is when an individual uses an easy to purchase software defined radio or “Listening device” to replay events that were previously sent by devices paired with a security system. Since legacy security radio frequency protocols do not have any encryption they transmit the exact same event information every time. When the system receives the false, replayed event, it takes this as a true event. This is a large and serious security limitation that allows those with access and knowledge of this technology to create false events including KeyFob Disarm, Door Open, Window Open, Motion detected, and more. Utilizing encrypted sensors can prevent the risk of such attacks when using the IQ Panel 2. RANGE

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