Stay in Control: Why Your Car Needs to be Part of Your Home Security System from SEMO Smart Homes

Stay in Control: Why Your Car Needs to be Part of Your Home Security System from SEMO Smart Homes

In today's fast-paced world, our cars are not just a mode of transportation; they're an extension of our lives. They take us to work, keep our families safe on road trips, and even serve as a trusted companion during late-night drives. But what if we told you that your car could play a vital role in enhancing your home security? Enter, the ultimate solution to bring your car into the fold of your home security system, available through SEMO Smart Homes. In this blog, we'll explore why you need to consider connecting your car to your home security system today.

The following features are available with Connected Car on 

Overview video

Connected Car allows you to track your vehicle’s location, monitor its diagnostic health, and receive alerts for speeding, towing, and more—all from the app. Plus, because the Car Connector uses a dedicated cellular connection and has a backup battery, you get 24/7 awareness, even when the car is parked and the engine is off.



Ready to use’s Connected Car? Follow this step-by-step guide that will walk you through how to install the Car Connector. Once the Car Connector is calibrated, you can track the vehicle’s location, view engine status, and analyze fuel efficiency – right from the mobile app.

For more information about installation, see Car Connector (ADC-3035L) - Installation Guide Places 

Connected Car allows you to automate smart home settings based on the location of your vehicle. Save time and money by enabling Location Services to automatically adjust lights and thermostats, pause video recordings, and send alerts when you’ve forgotten to close the garage or lock the front door.

When the Car Connector is added to the account, it is automatically added as a Geo-Device. 

Note: Connected Car uses GPS accuracy, which allows for smaller Geo-Fences.

For more information about Places, see Configure Places

Home automation and alerts 

The following home automation and alerts can be created when Places is configured:

Vehicle monitoring notifications 

Connected Car allows you to monitor your vehicle’s location, diagnostics, and behavior. When you configure notifications, you’ll receive alerts about vehicle maintenance, unexpected movement, and more! Connected Car provides constant awareness and helpful insights, even when the car is parked with the engine off!

When adding a new notification, there is a new section for Cars. For more information about creating notifications, see Create/configure a notification.

Cars notifications.PNG

    Thresholds for these alerts can be configured by going to the Car Settings page using the customer website or app. For more information about configuring settings, see Configure Connected Car Settings

    View real-time data 

    Maintenance alerts and real-time data in the mobile app help keep vehicles in good working order. 

    • icn-car-checkengine.svg Check Engine
    • icn-car-lowbattery.svg Low Battery
    • icn-car-lowfuel.svg Low Fuel
    • icn-car-location-pin.svg Car Location and Trips 

    The following images display the Cars section on the app: 

    Car Status  Car Trips  Car trip selection

    car status.jpg

    Get Connected Car now as an addition to your SEMO Smart Homes security system or as a stand alone service.  Click here!

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