Lower Your Business' Energy Bills With This Smarter Thermostat

Lower Your Business' Energy Bills With This Smarter Thermostat

Heating and cooling your business is expensive. However, you can reduce your energy bills and protect your bottom line with these tips.

At the end of every day, go to each thermostat in your workplace and turn it down. Make sure to get them all. If you have more than one business location, visit each location and repeat this step. Next, invent a way to prevent your employees messing with the temperature.

We're just kidding. You can't do all of this. But a smart business security system with Alarm.com Smart Thermostats can.

The award-winning, ENERGY STAR certified Alarm.com Smart Thermostat is unique.

It's easy to control, and smart at saving energy. It understands activity data from your smart security and access control systems, and uses this intelligence to prevent energy waste, keep your team comfortable, and alert you to problems that you might otherwise miss. Here's what it lets you do:

1: Save energy automatically every day

Alarm.com Smart Thermostats have an energy-saving "Away" mode to turn your heating and cooling down when you don't need them. It's easy to schedule. You can then enhance your schedule with automatic adjustments based on everyday activity at your business.

For example, you can have your thermostat automatically switch to Away mode when you lock up and turn the alarm on at the end of the day. In the morning, you can have it turn heat back up when the first employee unlocks the front door.

Once activated, these smart, "set and forget" features can deliver substantial energy savings with no extra effort required.

2: Stay in control and in the know

The Alarm.com for Business smartphone app gives you handheld control of your thermostats from work, home or anywhere in-between. You can check or adjust the temperature of any thermostat, switch between modes, or alter your heating and cooling schedules using our easy slider.

Your thermostats can also warn you early about HVAC system issues, giving you time to act before a problem becomes a disaster.

An early-morning low temperature alert in midwinter (indicating a heating system malfunction) can make the difference between an emergency visit from your HVAC repairman, and an all-day closure due to burst water pipes.

3: Discourage employee tampering with restricted settings

While you're worrying about high energy bills at work, your employees typically aren't. It's why they sometimes crank up the heat when you're not there, or run the AC when windows are open.

Alarm.com's local restrictions keep this under control for you. You can set a minimum and maximum temperature for any thermostat, allowing employees to adjust it but only within a given range. You can also lock a thermostat entirely with our Local Lockout setting, and control it solely with your app.

4: Protect inventory with smart temperature sensors.

Your Alarm.com service provider can install remote temperature sensors alongside your smart thermostats. These small devices let your thermostats read the temperature in important but out-of-the way areas like storerooms or display cases. Here's how one business uses them to safeguard valuable inventory.

5: Optimize and customize for extra efficiency

Every business and owner is different. Our smart thermostat is adaptable and versatile, with an array of smart, energy-saving features and rules for you to select and customize for your business. With Alarm.com's all-in-one solution, app and web dashboard, it's easy.

Want the Alarm.com Smart Thermostat at your business? 

With a single local service provider to install, configure and support everything, getting started with Alarm.com for Business is easy. Just contact Chris Rhodes by call or text at (573) 238-5210 or e-mail at chris@technology-one.com for a free off-site estimate.  We'll use google earth to evaluate your property and give you an idea what the cost would be.  If you're interested then we'll set up a meeting and get more specific with no pressure.  Upgrade your current system now!

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