Deter bad actors with our outdoor WiFi security camera.

Deter bad actors with our outdoor WiFi security camera.

Stop intruders in their tracks with Perimeter Guard™ proactive defense. Perimeter Guard™ uses's advanced Video Analytics to sound an alert and flash the camera's status LED when unwanted visitors are detected. 

Feature Details 

Protect your property with Perimeter Guard's™ loud whistles, beeps, and flashing red lights. An attention-grabbing combination of audio alerts and blinking red LED ensures people are fully aware of camera's presence.

Cutting edge person detection and response with Video Analytics

Differentiate between people, animals, and vehicles. Perimeter Guard™ intelligently identifies when individuals linger in a specified location and responds accordingly.

Avoid false alarms

System does not annoy the neighbors with false alerts due to pets or passing pedestrians.

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