for Business Review: It Makes Everything Easier for Business Review: It Makes Everything Easier

It takes decisiveness to turn your passion into a business.

Take craft beer brewing expert Zack Kinney, co-founder of Kings County Brewers Collective in Brooklyn, New York. You'll never catch Zack rushing the subtleties of brewing—but when it comes to operating a bustling brewery and taproom business, he's a master of multi-tasking and efficiency.

After recognizing the time-saving potential of smart business security, Zack adopted a complete for Business solution to simplify KCBC's security, access control, video monitoring and temperature control. Here's how he uses it.

Smarter access control saves time and worries

Like many breweries, KCBC's private production area is visible from the public taproom. It enhances the atmosphere and makes it easier for staff to multitask. It can also tempt customers to try to wander in. smart locks, with keyless card readers, keep KCBC in control. As well as securing the production area, the solution extends to KCBC's external doors. This makes it easy for Zack's team to let deliveries in—after verifying each visitor through a live feed from a smart business security camera —without stopping work on the latest production run.

Activity tracking and video clips help keep Zack in the know

Zack relies on his team to make KCBC run smoothly. He also understands that to delegate most effectively, he needs to be in touch with what's going on and identify issues early.

"It's great to be able to look at our video timeline and say: did so-and-so come in and open the bar at the time that they needed to?'" he says.

Should Zack need to identify who last accessed the production area, what time an ingredient arrived, or see how a door came to be left ajar,'s integrated activity timeline helps him quickly find the information or video clip he needs.

Related: "Being in control means knowing what's happening. That's what gives me." 

One interface makes everything easy

Having control of multiple solutions through one single interface makes Zack value his smart business security technology even more.

Whether he needs to  turn on the alarm for the night, quickly create an access code for a new employee, or adjust the temperature on one of KCBC's two smart thermostats —his app or dashboard is the only control panel he needs.

"We're a small business," Kinney says. "We're all wearing so many different hats, we're doing a million different things every day. Having for Business, with everything in one place, makes everything so much easier."

Want for your business? 

Professionally delivered by authorized service providers, for Business is the smartest way to upgrade your security, access control, video surveillance and energy management.

With a single local service provider to install, configure and support everything, getting started with for Business is easy. Just contact Chris Rhodes by call or text at (573) 238-5210 or e-mail at for a free off-site estimate.  We'll use google earth to evaluate your property and give you an idea what the cost would be.  If you're interested then we'll set up a meeting and get more specific with no pressure.  Upgrade your current system now!

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